I’m considering today my “first” day of college. Man. I walked all over that campus. It was good though. I registered for classes, got my parking pass, student ID card, books, paid for the semester and all that good stuff. It was actually a lot of fun! And I’m really looking forward to my first class tomorrow.
All but one of my classes are in the same building and the other one is across the street. I’m A-O-K with that. I do have to walk a ways to get to the building, but that’s not a big deal.
Monday and Wednesday I have a class at 8AM and then Tuesday and Thursday I have three classes from 8AM to 11:30 (I believe!) all back to back.

My goal in going to college right now is to complete as many core classes as possible before transferring to Kendall College in Chicago. When I think about the others I know who have gone to college as an 18 year old freshman, completing their courses with the best grade possible hasn’t seemed like their goal and it’s bothered me. There are a lot of things to be distracted by (some of these things are good things; but even too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, right?). I really hope I don’t get distracted. I think that is my only fear at this point. I have no desire to fail. No desire to just make a passing grade. I want to succeed! I want to make mostly A’s (I’m ok with B’s too!). I want to come out of this time at this college and be beyond proud of myself!
So I guess I’m hoping that being a freshman at my age (that makes me sound so much older than my 22 years!) will keep me more focused, more on track than others I’ve seen.
There are two pleas for prayer in the above paragraph. One for me to get over my fear of failure and the other for me to keep focused on what is important.

I’ll let you guys know how tomorrow and Thursday are for me. It will be my first time in a classroom. I am a home school graduate so my classroom has been the dining room table! My plan at this point is to go to class and after it’s over to go straight to the library and complete any homework that the Prof gives out. I don’t want to get behind and I think if I bring homework home it won’t get worked on (that’s the problem with running a house! there is always something to do!).