But I just realized people have been commenting on my blogs. Wow. Thank you. I’ve changed my settings so I should get an email when you comment and then I’ll be able to comment back! Yay! Lydia comes out of the commenting stone age! Hurray for 2009!

Anyways… First book I’m reading: Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama. This is such an interesting book so far. I’m glad I decided to read it.

I thought that since this year, this month, will be a huge moment in American history (first African-American President!) that I would read books about African-Americans who have made a difference in America’s history in some form or fashion. I’m looking at Martin Luther King, Nat King Cole and Rosa Parks. But I would love suggestions. Let me know who you think I should read about. I’m up for anything.

Oh, any ideas for other “themes” for the next year? I want to read about the same subject for a month. I feel like I would get a good feel on whatever I was reading about if I do that.

So far I’m doing horrible on my resolutions. I did not exercise today. I did not get up early and the other I really couldn’t do today. Pray for me. I think I’m gonna need it.