The whole family is together. It’s wonderful.

I love Christmas. First because it’s a celebration of the birth of my Savior. He was the fulfillment of all the promises in the Old Testament. He came to earth knowing He would have to die and loving His Father enough to be obedience and save me (and you) from certain and eternal death. I love that. It amazes me.
The second reason I love Christmas is because it’s happy and cheerful; we get to sing fun, lovey-dovey Christmas songs; we give gifts; have parties; visit with old and new friends; send Christmas cards, etc. I just love all of it! What’s your favorite part of Christmas?

Since my siblings have gone on Christmas break they have been playing Mario Carts like crazy! It is the most annoying game ever. I am such a competitive person and that game makes me so mad. I lose all the time. But it’s fun and we all like to sit and play or at least watch while others play. I hate the races that you can fall off the sides. It makes my stomach quench when others are playing and just frustrates the life out of me when I’m playing because I ALWAYS fall off.

We play Secret Santa (even though we don’t call it that). We kids draw names and buy gifts for our “Secret Person”. It usually takes us four, five maybe a good ten draws before no one has their own name. It’s crazy fun! This year it was a little sad it only took us two draws. It wasn’t as much fun. But oh well. We all try to guess who has who and what the person has bought for their Secret Person. I love it. I’ll write more about this after Christmas. I think I know who at least five of us have as our SP!

I do most of the baking in our family, but when Christmas comes around, there is one thing I do not bake. Sugar cookies. I make the dough, but that is all. I can’t stand people being in the kitchen with me and sugar cookies are perfect to cut out and bake with family and friends so I don’t cut or bake. And I’m more than fine with it. It’s my siblings special time with Bethany. They do it every year and have the grandest time!

I will try to post again soon after Christmas. Have a very merry Christmas and don’t forget why we celebrate Christmas to start with.