Thanksgiving Day was crazy at my house. Dad decided earlier this fall we would have “cook-off” of sorts for Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone had to choose a dish, tell us what they needed to make it and then cook it.

It was pretty incredible. There were so many people in the kitchen I waited till the last minute to make my dish. It was my first time making bacon wrapped asparagus with a pineapple sauce. It was sooo good. Oh, and a few of them had goat cheese wrapped in the bacon as well. David and I tag-teamed on the grill. I’m not really a grillin’ kind of person, I mean, I guess I could be, but in my family, grilling is a guy thing and the girls stay away from the grill. So David is my grilling partner. He does a great job and my asparagus looked amazing.
I also made cheesecake. One regular and one key lime cheesecake. Spank loves key lime pie and wanted to put the two together since he also loves my cheesecake. The key lime cheesecake was all for him.
And that was all I had to make. It was so nice not having to cook everything but the turkey (Dad always does the turkey).

The past two or three Thanksgivings, we’ve gone to see a movie in the theater. Last year we watched Enchanted. I don’t remember the year before, but I know we watched a movie. This year we watched The Boy in Striped Pajamas. Talk about a chilling movie. The contrast between wide-eyed innocence and hard hatred. Makes all the “big” things seems so tiny. Makes you think about how important family and love is. Wow. It was a GREAT movie. I highly recommend it. And even for small children… it is part of our history and doesn’t need to be forgotten. They need to see and hear how nasty those people were treated and how wrong it is to treat others that way just because they are different from us. Important life lessons for anyone.

Closing note: GA Tech beat UGA. What a great ending to the Thanksgiving weekend. God is good.