Thanksgiving is in three days. I still have some grocery shopping to do and tons of cooking! We are having so much great food! But I thought I would list things I’m thankful for since Thanksgiving is in a few days. I should really do this year round…

Anyways, here goes!

1. I am thankful for my Lord and Savior
2. The forgiveness of sins
3. The Holy Word to lead and guide me
4. My family (I love you guys!)
5. My best guy friend (RG) and my best girl friend (Leigh)
6. A home; that has a roof, heat, running water, etc
7. My wonderful church family.
8. Good music that makes me sing and dance!
9. Socks to keep my feet warm
10. Sunny skies and the man in the moon
11. Coffee!
12. Brothers who kill roaches
13. Movies that make you feel something
14. Friends who love having a good time!
15. Getting letters in the mail (the mailbox that is in your driveway! not your computer); it doesn’t happen often, but I enjoy it.
16. The men and women who fight for the freedoms I often take for granted – Thank you.
17. Being born and raised in such an amazing country. America, you really are beautiful
18. Facebook to help keep up with friends far away and close by!
19. The time spent with my mom while she was alive
20. Having family close by especially for the holidays.

What are you thankful for? It’s so easy to take things for granted! I heard the other day that someone said that going around ungrateful is like going around naked. Now some of us wouldn’t mind going around naked, but the point of the story is: we should always be thankful. No matter what is going on around us, good or bad, we can find at least one thing to say thanks for.