I been thinking about relationships a lot lately. And I’ve been discussing them with some girl friends too.

Thoughts: My ideal date. What kind of man I want to marry. What’s more important than a boyfriend right now (and hopefully always will be). The moments I don’t understand why or how. Praying for my future husband.

My ideal date? Something unusual… like catching fireflies at dusk. Come on boys, be creative! I don’t want the norm.

What kind of man do I want to marry? A man who loves Jesus more than he could ever love me. And then you can take my song (A Small Town Southern Man – Alan Jackson) and there you go. I want him to be hard working, but gentle. Adventuresome and yet, cautious/careful. And he has to love my family. Please open doors. It’s so impressive when you do.

What’s more important than a boyfriend? My relationship with the Lord. I love my Father and He is the most important person. I desire to please Him and to walk in His light than to have a guy.

The moments I don’t understand? The why. I don’t understand God’s timing, but I trust Him. I know that when it’s His time for me to have a relationship, it will be the perfect time and I’m willing to wait. The how. I live in a small town. I know the guys that are at church. At this point there is only one I’d consider…. so how is a single, godly young man going to make it to my town? I have no idea. But I know God is more than able to bring one my way. And once again, I’m willing to wait.

Praying for my future husband. I don’t do it often enough. It’s hard sometimes. But I pray now, that the Lord would bless and protect him. Strengthen and guide him. If he doesn’t know the Lord as his personal Lord and Savior, I pray the Lord will begin to work on his heart, mind and soul. And I pray Father Love will prepare me to be the woman he needs.