AAhhh!!! Cupid’s favorite time of year! Love is in the air and everyone is full of love, laughter and stupid giddiness.

I’m speaking of Valentines Day. It’s today if you didn’t know. I’ve always been a bit disgusted by the whole Valentines thing. Boys, if you have girl, you HAVE to buy her flowers, candy, chocolate and jewelry. And if you forget to do it, your girl won’t speak to you for the next two weeks. Oh, did I mention dinner? Don’t you dare forget that either! If you can’t be here to take me out, I expect a phone call and roses sent to my place of work so all my co-workers can see what a GREAT guy you are.

Can I say lame? I don’t like the idea of Valentines day. I don’t like the expectations of it. I don’t like the undue pressure guys have to be perfect on this day.

I will confess. This year I’ve actually wanted a guy to do something for me… but there isn’t a guy to do it. So it was pointless wishing. And today I sat down to write something about Valentines day and it came out like this… pretty sarcastic and very disgusted with it all. Perhaps I wouldn’t feel this way if I had a guy to be giddy over… who knows.

For those of you who lose yourself so much that you do something that has to do with this insane day, good for you! I hope your guy (or girl) likes it.