The all important February 5th is right around the corner! Don’t forget to vote!

I cannot stress how important this is. This is a chance for you to make a difference. To let your voice be heard. And you need to take this opportunity to do so. You are the voice of America. If you don’t speak, who will? And don’t assume someone else will.

Yes, now is the time I tell you to vote for Ron Paul! I still think he is the best candidate. If you want to read his views on Debt and Taxes, Social Security or Veterans (and more) follow this link –

Oh, yeah, if you aren’t registered and thus can’t vote in the primaries. Go register anyways! The November election will be here before you know it! Don’t forget!

This is an excellent way for your children to learn geography.
I’ve even done a few of the test myself and it’s actually pretty fun. My younger brothers love it. They get to do something on the computer and it doesn’t feel like homework or school!

That’s all for today. Remember to thank the Lord for all of the wonderful ways He has blessed you. We take so much for granted.