If you come to my home to eat dinner with us, I can promise you will eat one of three things!
1. If you’ve been to our house a lot and you just feel like family, expect pizza! Wal-Mart Deli has the best!
2. If you’ve been here a few times, but not too many, Dad will cook his famous hamburgers to impress you. They are really good!
3. If it’s your first time ever coming to our home (or if we deem you be of great importance!), we will serve you the BEST Parmesan Chicken ever.

That’s what happened last night. We had a first time guest and I suppose I was hoping to do a little impressing myself. So with the chicken, we had a spinach salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and kalamata olives on the side; garlic mashed potatoes (A gets the credit for those!); homemade biscuits; green beans (seasoned with maple bacon); and to top it off, cheesecake for dessert! It was all very good!

So I’m going to do something I never do and share a recipe with you. It’s for the chicken. It is so easy. I use boneless, skinless thighs (my boys love dark meat! But you can use breast if you prefer). Oh, and I don’t really measure, so just hang in there!

Ingredients –
Enough chicken for your family! Thighs or Breast
Grated Parmesan cheese
Bread crumbs
Dried parsley flakes
Garlic powder (it’s optional, sometimes I use it, sometimes I don’t)
3 or 4 eggs (or less depends on the size of your family; yesterday I used 6)
Butter (can be used instead of the eggs; I’ve never done it that way though!)

Preheat oven to 350.
Wash and remove all fat from your chicken. Place in bowl or plate (helps with messes and keeping the kitchen clean!) and set aside.
In another bowl, mix your dry ingredients together. I use about 2 parts crumbs, 11/2 parts cheese and a half to 1 part of parsley and then just a little bit of garlic.
In yet another bowl beat eggs together (or melt the butter). Dip your chicken into the eggs (or butter) and coat with your parmesan mixture. Do that with all the chicken, place into a greased baking dish (I like to use the olive oil spray).
Bake uncovered for an hour.

And your done! Wow your friends and family with Parmesan Chicken!

One more thing, if you play Frank while cooking, time passes so quickly! He is a wonder in the kitchen!