You never stop learning… ok? Don’t forget it either.

Pride is a nasty thing.

My girl friends are the BEST!!

Splitting wood is actually fun.

I still think you need to vote for Ron Paul. I really like him!

Guys are confusing. Exciting. Frustrating. And so much more. But please be careful not to read more into something than there is….

I love Nat King Cole. I got his “Best” cd for Christmas and love it.

This week I have drank coffee every day. Sometimes twice. Getting up at 4:30am, working out till about 5:30am and then going to back to bed till 7:30am and then spending all day working inside and outside of the house has been exhausting. But good. I kinda like it.

I’ve been reading my Bible every night since the first of this New Year. Every night God has spoken to me about something. It’s been incredible.
Last night at church I was taking to a friend and he said often we read just a few verses and take it at that instead of reading the whole context to see just what the earthly author was trying to get across. He had a friend suggest to him to start with Matthew and read it all in one sitting. To do this 7 times in a row. Don’t break it up into days or weeks. Sit down and read the whole book! And then to do that with every book in the New Testament. Then take the Old and read each book the same way (except for the 7 times; just read each book once). I wonder how different our take on the Scriptures would be if we did that.

I am hoping to watch 27 Dresses tomorrow. I’ll be the only girl at home. A is going to a friends house. So I’m leaving the boys here!! 😉 I’m excited.

For those of you who got snow yesterday. I am truly happy for you. I’m so glad God blessed you with it!

Oh!!!!! This is very exciting! You won’t believe it! I am….. *drum roll*………. going to watch the only version of Pride and Prejudice that I haven’t seen this weekend! Yay Netflix!