Our washing machine broke last week. The repair man can’t come until the 25th of this month…. So A and I went to the laundry mat yesterday and we did 8 loads. Looks like we’ll be going back today. The wonderful thing about the laundry mat is you can catch up on all your laundry in one day! Amazing, huh?

You can pray for my Dad. He has started the Biggest Loser workout videos and I’d like you pray he sticks with it. I’m really hoping that my doing it with him is going to be some motivation for him… Let me tell you, if you don’t have time for the gym and want to do a quick 20 min workout, get one of those videos! They will work you like nothing else! We are doing the Cardio Max. And I am sore all over today!
Some of that is from digging a hole and splitting wood yesterday! I’m trying to get ready for the bonfire I’m going to have a week from this upcoming Saturday. I’ll be chopping more wood today.

At church this past Sunday we did the Lord’s Supper. I almost started crying. Sitting there thinking about His blood and His body that was shed and torn for my sin is overwhelming. I cannot imagine such a love.