I cannot say how much I love Netflix. I get to watch all of the classic movies I want!! I love the 40’s. I told my Dad I thought I had been born 40 years too soon! He just laughed at me.

We kiddos gave Dad an XM radio for Christmas. Guess what kind of music you can listen to on that thing?! The 40’s! I love it!

Today we got a Netflix movie. It’s called Hidden Places. Based on Lynn Austin’s novel, Hidden Places. I liked the book way more than the movie. I kept telling my siblings what had happened in the book when they got something wrong or left something out in the movie. I don’t think A really appreciated it! 😉 The boys didn’t mind….

I am thinking about going back into the soap making business.

I love the smell of permanent markers. Rain. Freshly baked cookies (which reminds me… I need to do that tomorrow). And a lot of other things.

You need to vote in the upcoming primary elections! If you are registered you can vote! Your voice must be heard! Remember this date : February 5, 2008.

I’m voting for Ron Paul in the primary. Lord willing, I’ll be voting for him in November.

If you are against the war in Iraq, vote for Paul. If you are for Homeschooling, vote for Paul. If you believe in the Second Amendent, vote for Paul. If you are Pro-life, vote for Paul.

You can read his views on these important issues and more by visiting his website : http://www.ronpaul2008.com/

If you want change in America, vote for Paul and pray that others will be stirred to vote for him as well.