It is very amusing to see my local news station (on TV) go to hair salons to get the latest on problems like traffic and road construction.

Read James 5:16. It’s true.

Last night I watched the original Ocean’s 11. It has Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and more. I’ve decided I love Peter Lawford. I think he is really handsome and I love his accent.

Dad is starting to put the hardwood floors into my room. I am so happy. I haven’t had flooring in my room for two years! When we moved in we pulled up all of the carpet because the previous owners had inside cats and the carpet smelled. Not to mention, three of us are allergic to cats, so it had to be done.

We still have our tree up. It’s beginning to annoy me. I really want to take it down. Anyone else still have their Christmas tree still up?