Christmas went by fast… it always does. We read the Birth story, dig through our stockings, eat breakfast, and open gifts one at a time. It’s always the same, but it’s always different. It was a good Christmas. God is good.

I am feeling very, very discouraged. My young adult class at church is frustrating. I love the teachers. They are incredible. But none of the “students” hardly come. Especially those who have just moved up from the Youth Group. It breaks my heart. I’ve called, sent cards, emailed and nothing seems to work.
And then a couple weeks ago, a guy showed up in my class and I could tell by his face and the words he spoke, that he was/is a godly guy. I believed he was the answer to my prayers. I believed that God was going to use him to lead my class out of the wilderness we seem to be stuck in. And he has failed to show up the past 3 services.
I am discouraged and I haven’t a clue what the Lord is trying to do now. I guess I’ll continue praying…

I’m going to bed. It’s late and I am tired. I don’t know why I’ve stayed up this late anyways. Good night!