Here we are! Christmas Eve and we’ve just finished watching The Elf. Our entire family together. That movie is incredibly funny.

We’ve discovered Zooey Deschanel. She plays in The Elf. She also plays in the Tin Man. Which is a side of the Wizard of Oz that you’ve never thought about or seen before. I love her voice. She has a Judy Garland type voice and I love it.

We are all excited about tomorrow. Who isn’t?! I’ve had my daily dose of hot chocolate… I love that stuff. I’m tired. Ready for bed. I’ve been in my PJ’s since we came back from our Christmas Eve service at church. I love when the candles have been lit and all is so serene. The glow of the candles and singing Silent Night is definitely calming.

This is the only time of the year we keep secrets from each other. We constantly ask each other where we’ve gone or what we’ve bought and we all say, “It’s that time of year!” and then we break out into song, “It’s that time of year when the world falls in love!”. I love my family!

So the very top part of our tree doesn’t have any lights. It’s weird looking at it… we ran out when decorating and didn’t buy any more. I’ll get some Friday when I go shopping. And my wreath is still sitting on the fireplace. 😉

Christmas day we don’t really have a “meal”. We do have breakfast casserole for breakfast (of course!), but after that it’s a mixture of things we (almost) never have though-out the year. Okay, we do eat Chick-fil-A chicken quite a bit, but hey, C is working there and we got some for tomorrow! Pop-tarts, chocolate milk, fresh pineapple, cheese dip (A’s recipe) and chips, shrimp, carrots with hummus, and I can’t remember the rest.

I hope you have a blessed and merry Christmas!